Infantile, seemingly British, term for the female genitalia.
"Show me your winkle and I'll show you my ninny"
by Mr. Duffy January 18, 2008
Ninny is a pussy bitch, named fincher from the website wireclub. It means he has a vagina and licks his own ass as a means of taking showers. Sad
me: "Fincher you fucking Ninny"
fincher: "Im so ashamed"
by Spencer222222 July 20, 2011
a pushover, like a noob.
Bobert: Wow, that kid that plays runescape is such a ninny. I stole all his money, ate his girlfriend, and fed him to a boar and he didn't even think twice about it!

Sam: Hey man, wanna play some b ball?
Cheechee: Well, I uh, I kinda wanna play some more runescape.
Sam: You fucking ninny.
by Ninny Barberino December 17, 2006
Small boobs, that arn't quite boobs yet because they're so small. They're more like mosquito bites.
"damn, that girl has some small tits."
"nah, she ain't even got tits. They mo' like ninnies."
by Jill kajebfa October 23, 2009
John's ninnies almost fell off after Seth gave him that killer purple-nurple.
by Flop Peacock August 10, 2008
A shorten version on Ninconpoop. "Ninny", is used in "Hey Arnold!" and "Rugratz". "Ninny's" most of the time have brown hair and some have double chins. "Ninny's" are laughed at, not with.
"Your a Ninny!"
by Tommy234 February 05, 2011
a person who is clueless and utterly idiotic. A person who makes mistakes alot.
Tiffany made another stupid Mistake. tiffany must be such a Ninny!
by PedroBoy October 25, 2010

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