the fat round protuberances found on a cat's stomach; swell after giving birth typically to feed kittens; Also known as 'nipples'.
Kitty cat, put your ninnies away!!(said in a high pitched british accent); Don't show your ninnies in the presence of others (insert cat name), it's rude!
by Lester Hermit Mayfly June 10, 2010
(noun) One of those girls that you always see at college parties who is between the ages of 15 and 18. One second she is up and about and yelling "its my song!", the next she is puking or making out with a 30 year old.
That ninny spilled her drink on me. That ninny bitch.
by bayneofitall February 20, 2013
A cute name for someone without using a real swear word 0_0
Nick: In My face you Ninny!
Ebony: Ninny? AHA you douche.
by Sweetener January 03, 2011
1.a set of useless tits. (any tit that does not produce milk) nipples

3.also used to describe super slow people, or people with no common sense

1.That old ladies tits are about as useless as ninnies on a boar hog.

2.damn, did you see the ninnies on Tyrone? Homeboy is smugglin' raisins!

3.Those new guys are complete ninnies.
by whtrice January 01, 2011
Current/former Nine Inch Nails fans (hence, the "NIN" part of "ninnies") who originally met through the Net (old-school ninnies trace their roots to the Usenet newsgroup, while more recent converts have been acquired through IRC, Live Journal and dating/marrying other ninnies), and who now get together periodically to consume prodigious amounts of meat, alcohol and curiously strong brownies, wear Reznor heater shirts and bondage gear, perform cutting-edge karaoke, and comandeer hotel lobbies 24/7 for shooting the bull, freaking out mundanes, making more bad in-jokes than was previously thought humanly possible, and impersonating N'Sync roadies.
Trent? We don't need no stinkin' Trent--we're ninnies for life, with or without him!
by Robin the mad photographer January 30, 2005
Another word for Boobs or Breasts. A less grotesque way of addressing ones rack.
Your ninnies are looking mighty fine today.
by Kayla Sue August 03, 2008
a breast on a women's chest, boob , titty,
"Why are you touching my Ninnys"?
by quare332 December 27, 2011

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