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When you go through a moment in life and you feel like you've done it before. Maybe had a dream of it, or actually lived through it before when you haven't.
by Irene Samek May 21, 2003
The ability to learn and reason; the capacity for knowledge and understanding.
Chris: Irene, you're intellect is far more superior than mine.
by Irene Samek May 22, 2003
Short term for gorgeous
Oh my god! You look ultra gorgie today!
by Irene Samek May 22, 2003
1. Said when something is funny
2. Said as sarcasm
1. AHahaha that's hilarious, that's a pisser!
2. ha..yeah..that's such a pisser troy..*rolls eyes*
by Irene Samek May 21, 2003
1. To persuade by ingenuity or flattery; to entice.
2. To obtain by ingenuity or flattery.
Chris tried to inveigle Irene into sex, but Irene was not fooled.
by Irene Samek May 22, 2003
Farted and following through with chunks.
Also known as Chocolate Thunder.
Too late for a loo, my undercarriage just felt Chutney Thunder.
by Irene Samek May 21, 2003
Skateboarders/plank spanker/faggots on board/homosexuals/wood pusher/stick flipper
You're a fucking stick flipper
by Irene Samek May 21, 2003
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