Being very secretive; knowing how to blend in with your surroundings.
Hiding in a pile of pillows in the corner of a room is very ninjistic.
by Mitchella August 22, 2006
Top Definition
A term related to the amount of questions a ninja can answer in one Podcast. There is not a number high enough to count how many he could answer.
In the process of processing these ninjistics, your head would explode, like Scanners, if you also added a big spoonful of Wrath of Khan.

See also ninjonics, the more urban form of the word.
Last night my brother asked Uncle Ninja how many questions he could answer in a podcast. Uncle dropped into ninjistics mode. Later my mother made me clean up the fragments of my dear brother's head.
by Caitlin the Ninja August 10, 2006
the art of learning how to be a ninja or the art of being a ninja.
Grasshopper, today you will be learning ninjistics by walking swifty across water.
by sensei: Kyle and Melonie May 01, 2006
(Adj) - Having ninja like qualities.
The ninjistic man entered and exited the room without making a sound.
by KC HAYNES March 05, 2010
The Act of performing a move like a Ninja.

Or to do something so cool it makes you look like a Ninja,
similar to calling someone a boss, or when people say "Like A Boss".

For example you might hear someone say "Dude that was so Ninjistic"
For example a Ninjistic move will be as follows,
A ninja kick to the face,
A karate chop,
Running across a wall,
Jumping really far,
to show off really good balancing skills,
or if you were to catch an object extremely quickly with barley looking at what your doing.
Or anything that is to be considered a move done by a ninja.
by Luke Ninjistic Lowdown March 21, 2012
Adjective: to describe an action as having qualities similar to that of the awe-inspiring, hyper -balanced and zen school of the ninja.
Hey Anoop the swift death of your multiple enemies was enacted with ninjistic precision
by Kdeep January 16, 2015
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