In chat, it is the act of saying something before someone else. It only counts if someone else actually says the same thing afterwards.
JKuang: 24,495 = "Over 24,000"

Puppettron: weird, 24,495 is over 24,000

CraziAsian: ninja'd
by CraziAsian.... The one and onl February 08, 2010
when someone ninjas you it means they send you a chat on facebook saying either ninja, you've been ninjad, ect. knowing that are logging off right after it sends.
*kate opens up facebook chat and sends a message to john saying 'i just ninjad you' then logs off*

john: dang it she did it again

kate: hahaha he can never ninja me back...i must be too ninja
by Beccerz777 April 07, 2011
the act of doing something successfully in a stealthy manner & when exiting the scene, you say "Ninja" in a spooky tone to rattle other people in the area who didn't realize wtf was going on.
Dude, you hella Ninja'd his oblivious dumb-ass!
by L0Lpants July 19, 2011
(V): When someone gives another person such a good comeback that the person being exposed to the torment never even sees it coming. But the burn does not end there my amigos. The Ninja'er comes back for a second attack, ending with their battle cry, "Ninja'd!" Then disappears before you even have time to pee your pants from shock. Here's a diaper baby, clean yo'self up. You be dirtying up my new kitchen floors. .. bitch.
Person A: "I think I was just Ninja'd and I may or may not have just pee'd a little bit."

Person B: "Ninja'd!" *Disappears*
by Captain Elbow September 30, 2010
v. the act of stealing, swooping, or snaking something. the person who has been ninja'd upon does not realize it for a little while.
Hey Marks and Giuseppe... you know Erin and Kek totally just ninja'd their way infront of you in line...
by badguy13579 November 08, 2007
1). Quick, stealthy appearance or escape.
2). Sneak attack from behind. In video games, often with a knife.
I was on de_dust2 and he was the last guy left, so I went the other way, pulled out my knife and ninja'd him right in the back.
by Liquidnumb October 10, 2005
A new tactic the the FPS Xbox 360 game, Halo 3. A Player lures another player into following them. Player 2 is following player 1. Player 1 goes around a corner. Player 2 Follows. Player 1 jumps backwards, and Player 2 passes under Player 1. Player 1 Melee's Player 2 and instantly dies due to an assassination. Ergo, Ninja'd.
Blue Player: "YOU JUSt GOT NINJA'D!"

Red Player: "STFU"
by THISxGuy March 09, 2010

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