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the act of getting a group of your friends, creep up to your ex-lover(who cheated on you)'s house in the car, peel-out your tires, everybody in the car screaming at the top of their lungs "WHORE!!!", & drive away, leaving everyone in the neighborhood informed that a whore lives in that house!
Stacy got it on with the football team at that party last week?! That slut seriously needs a drive-by whoring called out on her!
by L0Lpants April 20, 2011
the act of doing something successfully in a stealthy manner & when exiting the scene, you say "Ninja" in a spooky tone to rattle other people in the area who didn't realize wtf was going on.
Dude, you hella Ninja'd his oblivious dumb-ass!
by L0Lpants July 19, 2011

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