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A person of the genetic disorder of "gingervitous" (Red hair, pale skin, and freckles). A ninger however, is African-American. This is a rare, but strange combination but harmful to the eyes. If you stare too long you may catch the disease yourself.
Imagine Gary Coleman with red hair and freckles, he will become a ninger.
Yes, very disturbing. Especially Gary Coleman.
by astoldbyginger February 29, 2008
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Its when you breed a Nigger with a Ginger, thus forming a Ninger
Blake Griffin is a Ninger.
by Perch00 March 21, 2009
A black ginger.
Hey look, there's that ninger!
by Firebird157 (Add me on steam) March 13, 2010
A ginger or red headed person with Ninja stealth abilities. Making them a Nin-ger. Ninja-ginger. Usually highly skilled individuals in physical fitness/sports, knife throwing and martial arts with a fiery-Irish temper.
Chucky- he was the ultimate Ninger he never got caught!

Did you see that ginger on the snowboard? He is a Ninger!
by Punkin EEEEE February 23, 2014
A ginger who dyes their hair in order to disguise their gingerness thus becoming a ninja ginger.
She used to be a ginger, but now she's a ninger
by Maddy_The_Ginger March 13, 2011
A nigga with orange hair preferably an Afro, thus giving the perks of being a black person with no soul.
Stranger "Who's that kid with the orange Afro?"
Lil' Layne "Oh that's my Ninger Jrodan, it's his birthday."
by Lil' Layne July 12, 2013
A person that fakes drinking alcohol. So they don't get drunk fast or because they dont like drinking.
He is really a ninger. He always pretends drinking alcohol
by terrychu January 16, 2011

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