The sensation you get on your tongue when licking ass for the first time, much like the sensation when putting your tongue on a nine volt battery.
Man, that chick is so hot, I would love to do the nine volt on her.
by mikef91 July 21, 2005
Top Definition
killing an electronic device by attaching a nine volt battery where it isnt supposed to go
i needed a battery to play my mp3 player but I didnt have any AAAs' so i used a nine volt and my mp3 player started to smoke
by twisted961 August 05, 2007
1) battery used to back up an alarm clock in case the electricity goes out, insuring that the alarm will sound in one hour and twenty minutes. The exact time it takes to get hard again. Normally you wouldn't care but this pie is an unbelievable ram and you can't risk the alarm not going off, like your hog.
Hey Pinjat, give me a pack of reds, a dozen horses and a nine volt. And yea, I will have some of your beef jerky even though you pray to it.
by JB February 24, 2004
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