word to describe an already "dumb model".
that party i went this week-end was full of nincompoops
by wordligirl September 08, 2008
a jackass, stupid person, or retarded person
why are you such a nincompoop
by SiSi Is Music September 24, 2011
a stupid person
Stop your nonsense talk, your nincompoop!
by xyran May 25, 2009
A complete elmore, maroon or jackweed. Somebody with shit for brains. A fuck up of the highest order.
Bush elmored Katrina showing what a true nincompoop he really is.
by Mmmm Lewinsky September 26, 2007
noun Slang term for anyone who is a devoted fan of Nine Inch Nails, or NIN, usually only used by other fans.
Only a true NINcompoop would watch the band's webcam for five hours, waiting for something to happen!
by Trogdor August 09, 2004
not quite a fruitcake
apple is a nincompoop - so almost a fruitcake
by Mandible Max September 20, 2005
Something I would call a friend if he/she should say summit stupid which is blatenly obvious!
louisa - i think i just saw a dog fly!
laura - dogs cant fly u nincompoop!
by marcush January 01, 2006

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