a person lacking common sense, a person who lacks good sense or judgment
I work with a gaggle of nincompoops, I guess common sense isn't so common anymore.
by Ur Majesty May 19, 2006
Top Definition
a silly, no brain, fool
Aaron is a nincompoop.
by Yen January 05, 2000
A foolish, stupid or ignorant person.
George Bush, nincompoop.

by Jim Minton April 22, 2006
a useless person. stubborn and stupid.
Talking to Jay is frustrating. He doesn't listen and he insists on his own ways. Such a nincompoop
by melvin c May 07, 2007
A braindead self important little turd given an impressive
sounding job title to keep him blissfully ignorant of
the world shattering nefarious machinations of his
keepers.-derived from army slangnon-com short for non commissioned officer
Is G.W. is the antichrist or just a retardNincompoop?
by georgy reinecke August 24, 2006
Someone who has no clue or severely lacks any common sense.
BP's CEO is a major nincompoop!
by Sohkqns67 June 05, 2010
(n.) A persons who intelligence is at a lower caliber and proceeds to flaunt his idiocracy in an unappealing or inappropriate manor.
Person 1: I raped a cow.
Person 2: No you didn't. Shut up, you nincompoop.
by Crazy Worm February 18, 2008
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