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An ancient king who died of suffocation after wondering aloud to his guards what it would be like to have your own head stuck up your ass.
Nimrod: Guards, I have a proposal

muffled speech, sound of body hitting marble floor
by adamzan September 01, 2007
Similar to a widget, its undefinable
"I dont give a nimrod what you think of me"
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
A rod used to measure the oil level of the whatchamacallit
please check the nimrod
by quagblar March 03, 2007
1. A mighty hunter. Now chiefly used in this sense outside the United States.
2. A slow-witted person.

Nimrod was the Biblical founder of Babylon, also considered a mighty hunter. Contrary to the uneducated twits on here, Nimrod did NOT build the tower of Babel (at least the Bible does not claim this, only that the "men of Babylon" tried to build it), and the Bible does NOT claim he tried to kill God.

The Bible ONLY mentions that Nimrod was a son of Cush, the founder of Babylon, and a mighty hunter. Curiously enough, Dictionary.com attests definition 2 to have derived from a Looney Toons episode, wherein Bugs Bunny mocks his adversary, the hunter Elmer Fudd, calling him a "poor little Nimrod". Warner Brothers' Looney Toons cartoons were not written for children, but for literate adults, and often contained literary references children would not understand. Younger generations, mostly illiterate, and having little or no Bible knowledge not gleaned from their moronic parents and half-wit talk radio hosts, probably misunderstood the comment as being a general insult describing the slow-witted Fudd.
Probably from the phrase “poor little Nimrod,” used by the cartoon character Bugs Bunny to mock the hapless hunter Elmer Fudd.
by Rev. Dr. Mycopheles March 20, 2006

means normal - sarcastically lol. as in WEIRDO
oh my god jonni you nimla-cat
by themicrophone June 01, 2005
(noun) A person who interviews our candidates
Please send my candidate to Nimrod.
by LZee October 05, 2006