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the best green day cd ever!!!!!!! some songs: nice guys finish last, platypus, the grouch, good riddance, hitcin a ride
faggot: green day sucks ass..i cant beleive they hate america so much!

one of the fucking coolest ppl in the world: fuck off u nimrod and go listen to Nimrod!!
A complete idiot. From the Bible, the person who tried to build the Tower of Babel.
Wolfowitz said that the Iraqui oil would pay for the war. What a nimrod!
by onanonanon March 17, 2005
A prick in the bible who thought he could kill god.

A kickass album by Green Day.
The biblical Nimrod deserves the biggest douche in the universe award.
by Nimrod was a dickhead May 14, 2004
1. A rebelious and confused individual.
2. A person that contradicts themself.
3. A self-defeating distructive behavior.
That NIMROD just cut off a 40 ton big-rig in a 2 ton car, Look at that NIMROD tailgating the big-rig. That four-wheeler NIMROD is a wreck waiting to happen.
by Brian E. Nightingale October 09, 2007
One of the best cd's made by green day.with such songs as "Hitchin' a ride","The grouch","Prosthetic head", and "Redundant" (which is one of their best songs in my oppionion).Sadly green day's image changed and now sing "Boulevard of broken dreams".such a shame...
kid 1:man...boulevard of broken dreams speaks to my soul.i like to listen to it when i cut myself at night.

kid 2:hmm...looks like you should go buy the album nimrod

kid 1:who's that by?
by the cool July 01, 2005
adj. A person who although may be very intelligent, has no idea how to have social interactions with anyone around them. A common condition found amoung geeks caused by a life of over protection by parents.
'...that guy talks about nothing but his bug collection. He is such a nimrod!'
by mememe_me. October 09, 2005
as a college student I worked foe yahmaha in a warehouse as a parts picker. A nimrod is a small motorcycle part.
by michael page August 23, 2003