Not In My Face. An acronym that you can use to tell off someone that's coughing and/or sneezing too close to ou, especially when that person is not properly covering his/her respiratory secretion.
Hey, lady, NIMF! Cover up your damn sneeze! I don't want to get your freakin' cold!
by pentozali January 09, 2008
Top Definition
a female that is obbsessed with sex
the nimf fucked 30 guys
by vv4k3 June 28, 2005
National Institute for Media and the Family, is what NIMF stands for. An organization of idiots who hate video games and like many soccer mom organizations support anti game legislation. Each year they give out their annual video game report card which is always eschewed in their favor. Support censorship even thought they won't admit it. Refer to FPSes as killing machine games which should be avoided at all costs although probably the only parents dumb enough to listen to this shit are the soccer moms who are hated by their kids.
Founder of NIMF Dr David Walsh is an idiot.
by anonymous654 January 05, 2008
Nailed It Muthafuckaaa

Proclaimed after a great accomplishment, whether sexual, personal, professional, or any other achievement.

May be spoken after saying something witty, clever, or anything that shuts the other person down.
A defense attorney speaking to the prosecutor after winning a court case: "NIMF"
by sharkhammer December 22, 2014
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