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Virgin for LYFE
Yo Pattys such a nikkuh!
by Rararar February 20, 2012
a black person. also known as nigga
that nikkuh snorted coke up the ass.
by anonymous (asia) May 25, 2004
1. A way of saying the term nigga, usually used by asians or a stupid man.
1. What it do nikkuh ?
by m1k333333333333y April 24, 2007
the words asian says cause dey cants say nigguh
asian guy: nikkuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
black guy: ima opp u cuh
by 20grand October 19, 2007
the stupid-ass way of saying 'nigga'. A product of all the stupid "aZn"s out there.
azn: "Yo nikkuh, wassup?"

nigga: "WTHSTFU!!"

*azn kid screams and runs away like a wuss*
by Michiko August 02, 2005