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The word people use when online gaming and the stupid fucking website screens off the word "sexy", and so ya gotta use "cexy".
"Hey cexy."

"Fuck off."
by Michiko May 05, 2005
The sweetest and most caring boyfriend in the world. Works hard and always thinks about his girlfriend. Does housework like a housewife. Will become the best husband ever and will be very loving to his wife. Has probably one of the most perverted minds ever, but is still extremely intelligent. Stays up late to talk to the person he loves and is the greatest person in the world. You would be lucky to have him in your life.
I love Maverik^^ He is the best boyfriend in the world.
by michiko June 15, 2014
the stupid-ass way of saying 'nigga'. A product of all the stupid "aZn"s out there.
azn: "Yo nikkuh, wassup?"

nigga: "WTHSTFU!!"

*azn kid screams and runs away like a wuss*
by Michiko August 02, 2005

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