Nikko is the best guy in the world. He is super sweet and kind and you can rely on him for anything. Any girl would be lucky to have a Nikko because they're just so lovable. Nikkos have a really awesome sense of humor, and you can usually count on them to cheer you up. If you ever get a Nikko treat him good, because you won't meet another guy so awesome!
I love Nikko with all my heart.

Man Nikko is so funny, he's the best!
by 123456789billybob December 11, 2012
Japanese term for: Resplendant Light or the Sun

Can be used as name for a boy or a girl.
Nikko is the bomb-shiznit!
by lazlowiz December 25, 2006
A man that is wet. Gets YOU wet and everyone around him WET. If not wet then moist.
That guy is such a Nikko!
by Unfmaster November 19, 2012
a large whale
Ahh! It's Nikko!
by hihaicupcake<3 August 25, 2011
A nikko is a big fat whore who sits around with his cat all day eating leftovers and drinking wine. The diet of a Nikko consists of chicken, chicken, and the occasional glass of water. Nikkos feel most comfortable when around people who they have known for many years. They are not a friendly species, but if you're lucky they'll give you hugs. All the time. Lots of hugs dude man dude.
Nikko was sad because his cat was ignoring him.
by lawl not sabreena October 19, 2011

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