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a slang term for "nice", used interchangeably with "sweet" or "cool". Usually drawn out in speech and pronounced "n iiiiiii eeeeee"
Mike: "Dude those are some niii pics you got there from your backpacking trip."

Teacher: "No homework this weekend, class."
Student: "Niiiiiiiii!"
#sweet #awesome #cool #gnarly #fresh
by Cruel Leader March 01, 2010
1. Often used as a narcissistic drone whilst speaking.

2. Often used while a smirk is present on the face, because a guy is with a girl
3. Often used whilst trying to argue, although the only word that comes out is "niii"
4. One "niii" can say a thousand words
"Hey look, there's Olivia and Luca"
"Niiiiiiiiiiiii. " *smirk*
#lol #stupid #embarrassing #wrong #dumb
by DJpuzzles January 31, 2015
another shorthand way to desribe our daunting kwanza proprietors.
man did you see that niii cap that other niii...i laughed so hard i coughed up a biii...
by MACHEAL November 26, 2004
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