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a nigger from outerspace
the nigroid's moon boots came off and he floated into a blackhole.
by oc bitch represent September 05, 2008
A faggy black guy who's homosexuality is contagious like an irratating disease such as hemroids.
OMG. There are so many nigroids in my school.

Oh my god. There are so many gay contagious niggers in my school.
by Stef March 10, 2004
a black robot who can run twice the speed of a normal black male
That nigroid sure can run like a real nig
by the goat fetus February 25, 2008
A black person that is also a pain in your ass. Bringing together the words nigger and hemroid.
Guy 1: We have so much to do and Jamal won't help.
Guy 2: Yea, what a nigroid.
by NSPS November 10, 2008
See nig
by Dre June 30, 2003
A large or small black shiny object found just below the penis. Normally in ball shape. Also called testicle.
As the black guy penetrated my vagina his nigroids were slapping my butt.
by Mike Rotch July 21, 2003

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