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A nagging ass nigger who tries to bum change everytime you see them.
That nignag Byron asks me for money every time i go to safeway. Fuckin lazy nigger.
by tno1lbc September 20, 2006
Another word for the race of African Americans. To use as a joke or gesture.
1. Hey nig nag get off my bike

2. That nig nag stole my bike
by Brian aka Paul Wall baby June 21, 2005
Any of a race of dark skinned, bad-smelling, ignorant, knappy-haired, ebonic-speaking, monkey-like people.
"Damn, look at those fucking nig-nags, riding in their piece of shit cadillac."
by Sydney Roberts December 25, 2008
a black person

a.k.a nigger,coon,jiggaboo,jungle bunny, greaser
whip that nig nag back in place.
by dixen nit August 23, 2007
1. Words used in describing an African American. Can also be used as a noun.

2. These words are used in describing a person who is close to you in your group of friends, or crew if you will.
a.k.a.: a "homie", a "g", a "dawg", a "nigga"

1. That nig nag is getting straight crunk.

2. What's happening my nig nag?

2. Dat nig nag, Kelly C, is straight flossin some ice.
by Matthew "marathon" maranater January 19, 2007
A Female African derived as outlined below

"Nig" from the derogatory noun "nigger" "Nag" from the act women so thoroughly enjoy (nagging)
That "nig nag" had french fries thrown into her eye.
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