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derogatory term for someone with large lips. can also be interpreted as a racial slur.
by mark April 22, 2004
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Smoking a cigarette or whatever the hell you want, and getting the end wet from your lips. Known as "Nig Lipping" because of the racial assumption that "Nigs" (african americans) have large lips.
"Clean that shit off, you just nig lipped my cig douchebag!"
by This Is Mad Buns January 25, 2006
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lips that are very large, closely resembling those of african americans
Jesus, that chick has some nig lips!
by BrownEye4U April 13, 2006
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when you are trying to put someone down. You pwn them by telling them that they have the lips of a negro. The lips are those big fat botox ones which angelina jolie has.
Newb: "I pwnted that guy in css today"
Pro: "yaok niglips, go be a shitty summor"
by JellyDonuts January 30, 2008
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a african american with a bottom lip the same size as there middle finger.
man detrik has some bigass nig lips
by niggacheese22 November 13, 2009
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