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A fast and sarcastic response to something that is stupid. Also used when an idiot is trying to be cool and brags about whatever it is he or she is doing.
Fag: "Tuesdays coming, I humped Suzy's leg today"
Douche: "yaok"
by Boobjob January 30, 2008
Another way of saying "Yea Right" to your friends in a response of disbelief. Derived from the sarcastic use of the phrase "Yeah, Ok" said really fast and loud.
Pronounced Yah-Oh-Kay
David: I'm the best gamer in my town. No one can beat me in Super Smash Brawl!

Charles: Please, my friend, Ahn, can beat you with one hand tied behind his back!

David: YAOK!
by Dahn-FLee February 03, 2011
An original smashing together of words, used in a context of disbelieve and in the same vein as "o rly?" quite clever.
Someone just hit you with a BS headshot--- YAOK hacks!!!
by Jake Eaise April 14, 2007

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