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unfortunately A type of marijuana bought usually from a last minute dealer who makes you wait three extra hours just to give you the dirtiest skimpiest sticks with the brown buds, enough seeds to grow your own field of dirty butt, Along with stems that splinter into your fingers while breakin it up.it could appear green and you may feel a burn in your throat that may trick you into thinking its good but dont let it fool you its just one of the butts dirty tricks.If all your friends throw down and you pick up "niggy butt" sack..you will be cryin in a corner with a bloody nose because your friends hate you and all you have left is a sack of butt that will never take away the pain.
Twig: dude i dont even care man call ryan im Freakin!

Weez: shit we might as well call D if you wanna waste your money on "niggy butt".
by Wayne Hines March 31, 2008

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