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A cross between a nigger and an inuit.
That nigger totally made a nigguit with that native alaskan.
by Johnny Vodka March 17, 2005
A half-breed nigger/eskimo.

Note: This cross exists purely in theory, as an eskimo would never <i><b>actually</b></i> procreate with a nigger, and a nigger would never <i><b>actually</b></i> venture into northern latitudes, due to the cold climate.
Johnny: I think I saw a darkie in Anchorage!

Jamal: Couldn't be! We nigs hate tha cold. You know dat.

Johnny: Must have been a nigguit.

Jamal: I thought that shit was mythical, like the Tupac's death.
by fallingstar842000 April 11, 2008
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