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Everyone should know what a nigget is. A cross between two words. Midget and Nigger.
Emily: Did you see that Nigget driving?
Alex: Of corse I didn't, not only was it dark, his head dosesn't reach above the steering wheel.
by Emily. August 07, 2006
wild little black babies
That hoe's got a group o niggets
by jamomma August 23, 2006
A teenage nigger
Look at that nigget with his pants halfways off his ass.

Nigger Mom: "My son is now 13 years old" White man:"So now he's a nigget"
by xxxVITCHxxx November 18, 2012
A nigget is a nugget that has been cooked to long and become black like a nigger so its called a nigget half black half nugget
The wife burnt the nuggets, looks like were having niggets tonight
by )Sam( August 19, 2013
A burnt chicken nugget that slightly resembles the skin of a nigger.
McDonalds guy: here are your mcnuggets
Me: what the hell!! One of these is a nigget!!!!!
by Moh-julien25 February 08, 2013
When you see an african american eating chicken nuggets.
"dayum, that shawtys eats so much nuggets shes going to be a niggets."
by Dayum123 August 10, 2007
A simple term

A black chicken nugget
UGH! How care mcdonalds serve me this...this...this nigget!
by fallen21468 March 23, 2011