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A black dinosaur. It lived in modern day Compton, and consumed mainly fried chickensaurus, and colt 45.
Dino got mugged by a niggersaurus. Go figure.
by Bob Landry March 15, 2005
a dinosaur that is still in exsistense, a large, very scary black man or nigger, loves to rob stores and rape white women, very good at basketball, very bad at swimming, loves fried chicken
O.J. Simpson is a niggersaurus
by white man 123 December 06, 2010
a niggersaurus was an ancient dino nigger
king nigger the 3rd is related to a niggersaurus
by kingniggerda3rd March 27, 2009
A huge dick/slong/manmeat/cock/womper.
"Man he had Niggersaurus in his pants, I wish I had one."
by Jeremy Pomerleau March 13, 2008
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