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The study of niggers. Degree available at Grambling.
"I got's my degree in niggerology, sucka."
by Jimmie Walker April 14, 2009
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The study of niggers in their natural habitat, the prison cell.
Guy: What's your profession?
Other Guy: Oh, I study niggerology.
by frigginawesomenigga January 10, 2010
the study of all niggers
my dick is like niggerology
by josue gaynero March 22, 2009
The study of niggers and their way if life.

Cops can be considered experts in niggerology.
by butterpuffs420 October 24, 2014
terms used by blacks often only understood by other blacks
"hey homie, why dont we roll down to da hood and pick us up some chicken necks?" <------niggerology

"fo sho" <---------- niggerology
by ieatbabies123454321 June 16, 2009

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