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A funny fuckin word that comes up on auto-complete when text messaging the 'n' word (aka nigger) with Motorola's iTap texting mode. After you manually input the 6 letters of the word, the suffix of 'chanovsky' should appear. I have no clue what the shit this means, but it definitely had me laughing my ass off when my cell phone threw it out there. It's probably even funnier when you're bent.
Niggerchanovsky is one funny muthafuckin word...regardless of it's meaning.
by ABSTRAKT June 16, 2005

Slang term for the alcoholic beverage 'black russian'.

Pl. niggerchavonskees
Bartender: Hey lady, can I get you anything to drink?
Patron: A black russian please.
Bartender: One niggerchanovsky coming up.
Patron: Racist! (SLAP!)
by bairmik April 21, 2006
Of or relating to a russian negro.

Alt. def - That shit is sweet!!!
Boris is one ugly mother niggerchanovsky.

Alt def.- That shit be Niggerchanovsky!
by DaWain March 24, 2005
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