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A salad containing lettuce, fried-chicken, vaseline, collard greens, and kool-aid as dressing.
"Yo, waiter, I ordered a niggasalad, not a housesalad," said the man
by John Cummings December 20, 2006
72 35
Macaroni and Cheese with Hotdogs cut up in it.
Guy 1: Yo, my dawg. You ready for some nigga salad?

Guy 2: Yessah, my nigga! I got the Mac and Cheese if you've got the hotdogs!
by ieatsdaniggasalad October 06, 2012
15 0
A salad bar container filled with everything from the bar except lettuce. It is weighed, it's cost tallied, and it is finally abandoned due to it's price.
I haven't eaten in days! I think I'll stop by Safeway and get me a Nigga Salad
by Keekeecorpseraper November 13, 2010
10 6
Marijuana dipped or splashed in alcoholic beverages that appeal to black people (A.K.A. Black Alcohol)

Marijuana is the "Lettuce" and the drink is the "dressing"
Trey: Ay niggaz yall want me to roll up dis blunt?
Key: Mang why don't you grab dis Rozay an make it Nigga Salad?
by Fresh Mills September 14, 2011
2 6