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A salad containing lettuce, fried-chicken, vaseline, collard greens, and kool-aid as dressing.
"Yo, waiter, I ordered a niggasalad, not a housesalad," said the man
by John Cummings December 20, 2006
Macaroni and Cheese with Hotdogs cut up in it.
Guy 1: Yo, my dawg. You ready for some nigga salad?

Guy 2: Yessah, my nigga! I got the Mac and Cheese if you've got the hotdogs!
by ieatsdaniggasalad October 06, 2012
A salad bar container filled with everything from the bar except lettuce. It is weighed, it's cost tallied, and it is finally abandoned due to it's price.
I haven't eaten in days! I think I'll stop by Safeway and get me a Nigga Salad
by Keekeecorpseraper November 13, 2010
Marijuana dipped or splashed in alcoholic beverages that appeal to black people (A.K.A. Black Alcohol)

Marijuana is the "Lettuce" and the drink is the "dressing"
Trey: Ay niggaz yall want me to roll up dis blunt?
Key: Mang why don't you grab dis Rozay an make it Nigga Salad?
by Fresh Mills September 14, 2011
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