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The speed at which someone running from the cops is travelling.
Patrol to dispatcher, we have an african-american suspect carrying a stolen television traveling northbound on I-5, heading about 58 niggahertz and increasing.
by DrGamez August 19, 2005
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Extreme computer speed
"I gots me dis new computa, and it's fast as a muthafucka, man. It's runnin' like 10 niggahertz."
by tedexo August 18, 2009
The measure of the amount of pain a black guy feels once shot in the knee by a glock or a nine
Oh man that dude must be feelin at least 3 niggahertz after that shot
by psychofetus December 08, 2006
niggahertz its all about how fast a nigga is running from the cops, an normal nigga is running 12 niggahertz.
Niggahertz is how fast an nigga runs from the cops.
by niggahertz nigga hertz run 10 December 04, 2013

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