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A lazy black pokemon usually found living in crappy conditions and surviving off of fried chicken. This pokemon can be caught with any kind of ball due to the fact that niggachu is too lazy and stupid to fight back. Also you may lure this pokemon closer to you by using food stamps. some of niggachu's special abilities include but are not limited to: using rap music to lure enemies to sleep, being able to flee much quicker than other pokemon, and last, using hypnosis to make you think that this pokemon is not lazy and black. When niggachu is given a fried chicken stone it evolves into electronig which can be healed with watermelon and purple drank.
I saw a niggachu the other day but it ran away when i didn't have any food stamps.
by dmarsh10 June 12, 2008
A black pikachu that can be caught with a Couch Ball and usually mates with a white pikachu instead of a fellow niggachu. It likes food stamps, coupons and job offers.
I lured the Niggachu closer with Food Stamps and Job Offers but I didnt have a couch ball so I couldn't catch it.
by TheWhiteBlackGuyThatIsWhite September 26, 2010
Pikachu if it had black skin and yellow stripes.
by ThatGuyWhoCould August 06, 2012
a retarded name for a white person who genuinely thinks they're black and hates pokemon #Austin
*throws a ball of paper at said person #Austin and says "niggachu i choose you"*
by ya mum69 November 03, 2013
A team rocket pokemon due to it's fondness for stealing a niggachu is the laziest pokemon ever, and refuses to eat regular food - it must be fried first.
My niggachu knows the move drive by, and it usually misses.
by twenty-five August 01, 2010
the black version of pikachu. Can also refer to a black woman's vagina.
1. Watch out for Niggachu's niggashock attack. It can be a killer.
2. Bob likes to eat out her niggachu.
by Kizot May 02, 2008
A nigger that's on Pokemon and like to catch them all
Hey look at that niggachu
Niggachu I choose you!
by Ball queef March 22, 2016

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