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A parody punk band primarily made up of Black Flag roadies led by "Mugger" (Steve Corbin). Band members often performed in sex shop-based costumes or even naked. The music (and taunting of the crowd) intended to be as insulting, crude and vulgar as possible -- including references to the previous night's homosexual acts or requests to see the genitalia of the females in the audience. Corbin claims to have arrived at the band name based on a friend of his who would steal his cigarettes to the cry of "Nig heist!"
Nig Heist often opened for Black Flag
by etafatdik July 10, 2008
1. A kick-ass band comprised of Black Flag roadies that existed in the early 1980's.

2. To steal something suddenly from a friend or aquiantance.
1. Nig-heist made some fucking awesome sex jams.

2. *snatch a dollar from your friend* Nig-heist, mothafucka!
by Steve Corbin July 10, 2008
The act of Nigheisting. To steal something to a lesser degree, claiming it by proclaiming "Nigheist!" Also, to take someone's place in an order, advancing oneself to a previous spot in a roster or line by proclaiming "Nigheist" as the person who claimed the spot left or wasn't paying attention.
Seeing his friend crawl off to the bathroom, the sly devil creeped over to the Guitar Hero Guitar, yelling "NIGHEIST!" as he started to play Sunshine of your Love.
by J Cags May 14, 2008
To steal from friend, family and neighbors. The pinnacle of this is trying to sell the loot back to the victim and act like you didn't know it was theirs to begin with.
Tyrone was trying to sell me my Camry that he nig-heisted from me two weeks ago.

Hey Pookee those sunglasses look a lot like the ones I bought in Paris on my honeymoon 3 years ago....
by Florito May 25, 2007
to steal something from a friend or aquaintance or a com,plete fucking stranger
*grab cigarrete from friend without asking*

You:Nig-Heist Bitch!
by ronnie yerman April 27, 2007
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