to tap a guy's jewels in a rough manner
He was being a douche, so I I'll randomly nifkin him tomorrow, while walking by.
by briafly27 November 10, 2010
A piece of lint or fuzz on clothes
You have a nifkin on your sweater
by cwwatts January 31, 2011
The space between a guy's asshole and ballsack. Can be used as a chant for fans during sports events and competitions. Is also a common team name for any team based event
I don't know what the hell nifkin means but I like it
by slice267 January 30, 2008
the area of a male's body where bad gas can be trapped until one's ballsack is raised.
After years of horrible gas due to stomach issues, Robb's nifkin has certainly paid the price... his nifkin smells like the sewer.
by Tommy Jackson February 14, 2007
a term used for a electricians apprentice
A.K.A nif, nifkin the marvelous,
2nd. nifkin are an exotic pet,similar to a chinchilla they are bread in new zealand, and are a good source of meat and fur.
EX.1 a nifkin sweater
Sal and Steve ask their apprentice to cut a 66 inch piece of 4 inch
pipe, The apprentice returns with two unevenly cut pieces of tubing... doesn't wear a hard hat.. messes the coffee order up. walks around the jobsite like a tourist.. cant find material (helen keller) and follows steve around like a bad shadow, at the end of the day steve says you really are a nifkin
by NIFKIN THE MARVELOUS February 05, 2008
also known as a taint. a skin made seperation of the penis/vagina and the anus.
He wiped his ass and got shit on his nifkin.
by jonesensation March 13, 2003
A small piece of shit stuck to your ass hair.
I'm having a bad case of nifkins today.
by City Pig July 10, 2009
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