Poo crusted on ass hair
Peter has problems with nifkins all the time.
by AshleyF August 27, 2006
like guche except trimmed, shaved or waxed.
Rick enjoys drinking nifkin fluids, they taste like stilton dairy products.
by Taylor February 28, 2005
A misspelling of the word "bifkin", which is the skin between one's ass and dick
My bifkin is REALLY BIG
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
nifkin is the FEMININE equivalent of the masculine grundle.
The nifkin is tremendously smaller than the male's perineum.
by pete dankman March 13, 2003
Noun. A penis that is wider than it is long. It is rarely seen because it is covered by the foreskin at all times even if the member is circumcised. Tweezers and magnifying glasses may be necessary for proper masturbation. It is also extremely embarrassing to the male party, and usually results in no sexual activity.

ie- 3" wide; .5" long
How are you going to pleasure me with that nifkin? I can't even hold it. I hate you. ...Grow a real penis, or buy a strap-on before you ever try to get with me again. You freak!
by gzill December 19, 2003
A nifkin is a sexual act as well an act of personal cleaning, first one gets out of the bathroom after a dump. If one scrotum is saggy enough then they take it and tuck it under wiping thier rectum with thie own scrotum, getting any missed dingle berrys etc.
Man, I had trouble wiping after that dump so I just pulled a nifkin.
by Mike morelli February 25, 2005
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