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a black midget.. The words Nigger and Midget put together...
Tony is one of the smallest, darkest nidgets I have ever seen.
by Tony December 09, 2004
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1) A fifth grader who needs a brain transplant

2) An incredibly unintelligent person
The man who thought of putting ketchup in little packets was a nidget
by Tim Peterson April 18, 2005
A short or midget black afro-Canadian-American person using the word Nigga in it.
Look ma, that nidget is to short to get on that ride.
by Jonny TO June 15, 2008
A Midget Ninja = a Nidget.
Nobody saw the Nidget carry-out the assassination behind the bar.
by Swat13 April 08, 2010
A Ninja Thats All Short Like. Basically A Ninja Midget!!!
Look At The Nidget We Could Totally Pwn Him!!!
by Julio Rodriguez The Third :D March 28, 2009
a black midget
Lil' wayne is a nidget.
by calvinlee August 02, 2009

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