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Neil Bryson
Nidge > better than you
by Neil Bryson December 07, 2003
23 18
to annoyingly poke , tickle or jab someone in irritating but friendly fashion.
'dad stop nidging me'
'ahh dont nidge me'
by nidger February 17, 2010
5 2
mispelling of nudge used to confuse people which has sexual connotations of weiner
man, jack has a huge nidge but callum doesn't have any.
by Kates and Jillz May 31, 2008
4 5
An alternate use of the word nigger.
Nidge you better recognize!
Drop it nidge befo I bust a cap in yo azz!
by Matthew da T3 July 18, 2006
3 7
tobacco used in a joint
hook me up with some nidge, im rollin this joint right now
by Maryjaneee August 15, 2007
3 8
The best. When people can't be bothered of thinking of a more creative nickname for Nigela. *go them*
"hey Nidge, you're the best!"
by Nidge November 25, 2004
3 16