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picking your nore or the act of your fingers or someone elses fingers in your nose while being completly calm.
look at that chick she is nicoleing

i cant believe my mom, she came to pick me up and she was nicoleing
by sexy, beast, oaks January 28, 2011
having to text someone back so as to not get textually nuked, often sending texts of "..." repeatedly until you answer. Usually a "scene" kid who is VERY clingy and blames their boredom on you.

person one: hey wats up?!
person one: ...
person one: ...
person one: WHY DONT YOU ANSWER?!
person one: ...!!!
person one: do you hate me now?
person one: why are you ignoring meeeeee?!
(all within the space of about 3 minutes)

person two:calm down i got them all right now

person three(to person two): hey man come
on are we going or what?

person two: uggggggggh hold on a sec im nicoleing -___________-
by cdn_mike March 04, 2009
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