A smart, sophisticated, young lady, with a great sense of humour and is really pretty!
Oh yeah, Nicola cracked me up today!
#nicola #smile #personality #funny #everyone
by Rachel Fraser June 10, 2011
Top Definition
considered gorgeous by everyone, guys love nicola's, girls are jealous of them. smile alot and know how to make other people smile around them. generous and kind. natural leaders and is quick to decide on matters. their first initive is always right. people see nicola's as an exciting, rather impulsive personality. nicola's are bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything. someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure. people enjoy being in their company because of the excitement that radiate. yet she is often talked about, this is only the green eyed monster.
i wish i had legs like nicola.
did you hear that about nicola?
nicola is so hot.
#hot #gorgeous #exciting #radient #natural leader
by NiCOLA.xo March 21, 2008
There is more to him then meets the eye. Has eyes that can make your heart stop. Funny though may over do it sometimes. Understanding, careing, may remind you of a bear. Has gone through alot in life. Can be overly competitive and cocky and abit of a jerk sometimes but has a good heart.
Person 1: He is such a dumbass!
Person 2: Theres more to him then meets

Person 1: what do you mean?
Person 2: Hes a nicolas
#sweet #bear #misunderstood #funny #kind
by Biggest admirer/ best friend/? January 16, 2010
An italian stallion with a very wide tongue and an elephant sized penis
Nicolas destroyed my body last night with his italian stallion
#penis #gigantic #twat #nick #nicholas
by SexyBoy1993 July 29, 2009
Voluptuous, funny laaydee. Large breasts big mouth!
Nicola is the funniest laydee ever
#nikola #nikki #nikkita #nicole #nikala
by burop September 08, 2006
Nicola is unique, a different girl, loves to laugh, knows how to make people laugh. loves accents, and is a bit slow. random, good dresser, and music obsessed. pretty (:
That girl is so funny, she such a Nicola.
#funny #laugh #nicola #pretty #slow
by JayBeeBitch September 25, 2010
a lady with a great shape and pretty and nice ,sweet,caring, and funny. But also if you mess with her you will get your ass beat.
man i love me some nicola
#nice #sweet #carrying #preety #fun
by mya12345678 July 01, 2011
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