Nicolas are pure amazing people. They like being taller than people (typically taller than Charlottes) and they also like cooking, which they do well and the occasional standing on skateboards. They're really pretty and awesome and most of the time, Nicolas radiate shinings of awesomeness that are equal to the sun. If you stand close to a Nicola, you will be bathed in her golden glow of amazingness.
"Wow, is that girl a Nicola?"
"Oh yeah, she is, wish she was my friend."
by AWESOME CHILD September 11, 2012
A hot ass guy with a big ass penis who will fuck anyone for fun ;)
Female 1: Wow look at Nicolas go
Male 1: Ya he gave me a blowjob once
Female 1: He fucked me once!
by Nickiscool248 August 13, 2011
Nicolas is the best guy in the world. Every chick in the world is in looooove with him. He is athletic, cool, popular, and has an amazing smile. Every time he smiles at you, you can't resists the urge to smile right back. He is smart because he gets good grades. He is skinny because he works out, and he is just plain out awesome.
OMG is that Nicolas!! He is soooooo hot!! 😍
by DemWafflesRYum December 26, 2014
He's cool, nice and he's loved by all the girls.extremely handsome .has a ton of friends. He smart gets good grades
(Nicole) dam Nicolas has a hot body (brinn) have you seen Nicolas today
by Nicolas 341 December 18, 2014
Die mooiste meisie onder die son met die mooiste bruin oë ,swart hare en dimples om te match...almal hou van ha en sy is manet mal amazing ...en Jean is moer lief vir ha ;) ...*
Jean - "Love you Nicola"
by Qwadsight (Jean) December 20, 2013
i.e. the devil's child

it is scary to think that Nicola's lie amongst our population

it is usually a variation of the word "nigger"

so expect nothing more from the being.

the dark blackness of the Nicola can also lead to rictural ceremonys such as voodoo and witchcraft.
Expect the very worse from nicola, as in no doubt she will be Emo, Goth or a Witch.
Nicola is also discustingly ugly
by unknown12345 July 25, 2007
this horrible lass that goes to our school, doesn't wash her hair or face, sells the grease to the local chippy and is an all round tramp.
ew Nicola is so ugly.
you mean grease pan?
yeah that tink.
by ex0ticexpl0sion June 02, 2012

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