Nicolas is a name which usually are seen in connection with words like noob, ginger, whiner, the color red and signs saying: "WARNING: "HIGHLY FLAMEABLE!" and "DANGER: NICOLAS IS ON FIRE!"
A good advice to Nicolas's around the world: Be careful not to overheat.
1st person: Yo, check it out dude... That dude over there is on fire!
2nd person: No it's just Nicolas...
1st person: Oh, now I see. Thank you...
by Ali Sultan November 08, 2010
this horrible lass that goes to our school, doesn't wash her hair or face, sells the grease to the local chippy and is an all round tramp.
ew Nicola is so ugly.
you mean grease pan?
yeah that tink.
by ex0ticexpl0sion June 02, 2012
Often used when describing a male teenager who is under the impression that because he lives in the ghetto he is infact a home boy gangsta. Every aspect of his life is influenced but the notorious 50 cent and becomes extremely violent on the intake of alcohol followed by various whole fruit being thrown at him.
while at a party a piece of fruit is thrown at you, a typical nicolas response is as follows: yo man who threw the banana? i'll bust a cap in the brother who thinks he can shizzle nicolas's minizzle
by cold_ecstasy July 27, 2006
loud and brash. walks as if stamping on something with every step. Has to ring parents to ask about every small issue in life.
That bitch is such a Nicola

I was trying to sleep but I got woken up by a Nicola
by Ben34856 May 18, 2009
a disloyal friend who engages in inappropriate behavior behind the scenes and prefects backstabbing after whore time expires.
"That girl fucked my ex and then tried to stalk me back me when he tossed her like a used tampon."

"Sounds like a real nicola."
by Lllama Sue February 07, 2008

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