A man who has rejected the societal notion of masculinity and chosen to define himself from the inside out instead, realising that traits such as empathy and nuturing are not actually limited to the female of the species, and nor are aggression and assertiveness limited to the male.

Despite this newfound revelation, however, there is still a strong genetic predisposition for humans to continuously behave as if we were animals seeking out the alpha male with those genes most suited for surviving in a hostile environment.

Often times, the average woman, whom society encourages to indulge in her weaknesses and surpress her strengths, is a self-loathing masochist who may appreciate the nice guy's friendship and understanding, but feels no attraction toward him because his insecurities remind her of why she hates herself. Therefore, she almost always seeks the dominant, aggressive, unempathic male with whom she can vicariously live to make up for her weaknesses. Of course, this inidividual, commonly known as a jerk, is also usually an egotistical, disloyal, and shallow person for whom societal dictates of masculinity will force him to disregard his mate's feelings and treat her as if she were beneath him.

Feeling emotionally unsatisfied, the female will then turn to her nice guy friend, whom she has long since castrated, for comfort, and complain to him about how men suck, except for him, and that he deserves a good girlfriend eventually except that it is never her or any other woman he might encounter.
I'm a Nice Guy? Fuck You!
by Killing Kittens March 01, 2005
A person who never gets the girl, always finishes last, and most importantly, doesn't play Rock N' Roll.
Nice boys don't play rock n' roll
by Lupus September 21, 2004
A girlfriend with a penis.
A guy who is treated by the many girls that they are friends with as simply a platonic relationship partner.
Girl 1: Thats John, hes my BFF!!!
John: *Deep Sigh*... yeah, thats right

*Girls secretly laugh at him later for being such a nice guy*
by Keifer Jennings November 08, 2006
A guy whose girlfriend slept with eight different guys during their relationship still cannot treat her like a whore or sleep with any other girls just for his sexual need because he can feel guilty when treating woman like shit.
W: Then he tried to engage an non-serious relationship with his ex but he cant do it. After all that girl did to him he still cant use her just for his need.
M: You mean he still has feeling toward her?
W: No. I mean he is a nice guy.
by witch May 25, 2006
Nice Guy
1. Term commonly used for self-description by men who routinely fail to capture the interest of any women. The name is a misnomer because typically these men fail to exhibit any attitudes or behaviors that would distinguish them as "nice". These men are the lifeblood of the mail order bride industry.

Characteristics include:
-Lack of any backbone or moral fiber that would allow them to even consider that perhaps their own faults and shortcomings are the root of their problems
-Bitterness and self-pity that is expressed by pronouncing all women idiots who would rather date jerks
-delusions of grandeur/revenge fantasies in which at age 40-50 they will suddenly become irresistible to 20-something Angelina Jolie (except hotter)look-alikes while all the women who rejected them decades earlier will be single and living with 200 cats.
I'm 35 years old and still living at home, I have no life, and the only girlfriend I've ever had is made out of plastic, but women don't want me because I'm such a nice guy.
by Suki March 25, 2005
Commonly referred to as an "average frustrated chump". A man that due to his stubborn kindness to everyone fails to get any respect as he never complains about the treatment he gets from women and thus lacks a backbone. Lacking the principle of discipline his offspring, if any, will grow up to be assholes due to the way the nice guy rewards bad behaivor.

The easiest way to have this paradox of the nice guy / jerk be defeated would be to have women stop acting like nice guys and dump jerks rather than reward bad behaivor with sex.
Wow. He is such a nice guy, buying me flowers, taking me out to dinner and paying the tab, listening to my problems, helping me out with my car, and asking for nothing in return. He sometimes asks for sex but doesn't get it and does favors for me anyway. What a tool!
by noshi May 10, 2006
A fuck up to the highest degree, probably an even less desirable title than that of the "loser". An 11 on the creep scale. He always seems to have a giant smile on his face... and is TOO FUCKING NICE!

A nice guy is a mysogynic creep that just wants to get some and could never be satisfied with a platonic relationship with a woman, let alone a casual conversation with one. And uses the only positive trait, being nice, to attempt to bed women. In which case will never happen.

Actually, like when ur in class you are in dire need of a pencil, dont barrow from the nice guy, he's going to smile at you, give it to you, and then say to himself, "OH BABY YOU ARE THE ONE, AWWW HO HO MARRRRRY MEEEEE!"

Uh... yeaaaaahhh. Eat shit and die.

A nice guy absoulity has to have pussy. Actually one time I got so stoned, I saw what the fourth layer of a nice guy, he kinda looked like gollum from the lord of the rings and kept saying he needed pussy over and over. Yah, it was pretty gey.

A nice guy defines himself as a guy that can't get a girlfriend becase he doesn't treat women like shit. Which is totally wrong because in fact women love men with manners. They just hate creeps that "coincidently" know their name already, and just so happen to be at the same place as them... always.

In my opinion, nice guys are gey. You don't want to be a nice guy.

If you were titled a nice guy by a woman, then you have failed. Here's my smith and wesson, you know what you have to do.

Now you know what a nice guy is. It's actually pretty awful if you ask me.

That nice guy with the top hat and over coat that wanders around in the park is sure a creep. He kept saying he needed pussy. What the fuck is his problem?

Oh, and my girlfriend was sitting next to happen and he started being nice to her, and she's like totally boyfriend bomed him.

Beverly: "Yeah, the weather sure is nice, my BOYFRIEND brought me here to feed the geese.
by go kart mozart August 28, 2009
A male that is practically busted in every way except for his kindness.Equivelent of a fat chick,He tries to impress women by acting like a bad boy,but the women see through him because he doesn't have the physical assets of the bad boys,he tries to dress and act like them but realizes that he only looks stupid and also realizes that you can't polish a turd.A nice guy trying to be a bad-boy by dressing and acting like them is like trying to put high performance parts on a Yugo it only makes it look stupid.He only gets promises of relationships from fat300 lb.,bald ugly chicks that can't get anybody else,or just gets used by even average looking women let alone attractive women,he always has too high of standards.He then realizes that it's not what's on the inside that matters,It's what's on the outside.So the only way a nice guy can have success with attractive women is if he hits the lottery or gets plastic surgery,but then again you have to hit the lottery to be able to have the plastic surgery that you need to be attractive enough.So he ends up dying alone and broke.
nice guy-So how was the date.Attractive girl-I'll call you.He thinks he's in but he was out before the date even started she just went out on a date out of pity.
by John Hitchner April 27, 2007

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