A tattoo on the left ass cheek of a voluptuous, huge-assed woman named Agnes.
"Isn't that Nice Ass well designed?"
"Look at the Nice Ass on that nice ass! Isn't it breathtaking?"
by Meshtaga2 April 27, 2009
Top Definition
A donkey with superior bloodlines.
Gee, Farmer Bob what a NICE ASS you have there.Do you mind if I take him for a lil' ride?
by scanner February 19, 2004
an ass that's round, soft, smooth, and large enough to have something to hold on to in bed, but not so large it has cellulite. Of course this only goes for girls.
dude 1: Can J-Lo's ass be anymore lovely?

Dude 2: no.
by ucddcd June 22, 2005
Object that will bounce on your cock untill you cum like crazy
Make sure you slap it hard a couple times before you fuck it
Girl: oh yes! Fuck my ass!
Guy: it's such a nice ass and I'm gonna cum all over it!
by Rhugfuvji March 28, 2013
A fool who has class.
Look how sexy that woman is! She has a nice ass!
by AnthonyTheGamer February 11, 2012
Very good or fine; splendid
Kobe dropped a nice-ass dunk on Mutumbo last night!
by J-Rock October 06, 2003
An ass that is big, nice, and round. Usually found on girls.
Aisha has a nice ass.
Jessica has a Fat ass
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
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