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To hit someone very hard or to be muscular.
Man, you got dieseled in football yesterday!

That man is dieseled (strong)
by J-Rock April 16, 2005
Very good or fine; splendid
Kobe dropped a nice-ass dunk on Mutumbo last night!
by J-Rock October 06, 2003
A mix between nullify and negate that bobby made up when he was angry and shouting about his team that lost.
the holding penalty totally nulligated the long run from scrimmage.
by j-rock March 14, 2005
An individual who exutes the qualities of a good host.
Jenn was incredably hostful tonight. I love her

Ty sucks, he isn't hostful at all! I hate T5...not
by J-Rock January 25, 2004
to pass something completely unrelated off as a racial prejudice.
she gave him a zero for cheating, so he pulled a shevy and claimed she hated brown people
by J-ROCK January 20, 2005
1. Sauced means to be shook or juked during a sports event.

2. When someone confuses you, that means you have been sauced.
1. Did you see Randy Moss sauce that man yesterday? He got the shit sauced out of em'!

2. Conversation b/t Tom & Bob
Tom - Did your mom find out about the weed?
Bob - What weed? I've never smoked!
Tom - Sauced
Bob - I knew you were kidding...
by J-Rock April 16, 2005
1 - used as a function word to express assent or agreement : YES 2 - an expression or gesture of greeting : HELLO 3 - used at the end of a statement to signify the statements end Antonym : NERP
Person 1: Are we going out tonight?
Person 2: Herp!

Person 1: Hello.
Person 2: Herp!

Lets go out to dinner herp.
by J-Rock November 05, 2004

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