What All Guys Want To Be..
Wat Most Guys Think They Are. But Actually Aren't. There Is Not Many Genuinely Nice Guys And If There Is, They Already Have "Nice" Girlfriends That End Up Treating Them Nasty. They Would Give Up Anything For Thier Friends & Family. It Can Also Be Wat Guys Start Out As But Then Never End Up As, Cuz They "Can't Be Bothered Anymore"
Girl: " U Would Never Hurt Me Would U,"

Guy: "Of Course Not Im A Nice Guy Trust Me,"

5 Days Later Dude Cheats On Girl..
by JemmyBean September 22, 2008
Technically a human, but more accurately described as a device. This item is used by women to housesit or catsit while they are away, help them move, help them with difficult subjects at university and to provide a shield against the unwanted advances of other males. They can also be used in a pinch as a default date for social gatherings such as company parties and weddings. Despite seeing obvious merit in this person, the female of the species will never date them or have physical contact with them. Neither will they introduce them to their friends because a) see above and b) they'd hate to find out they made a mistake and overlooked someone suitable. The female of the species will always refer to them as 'friends'. Note this species is rapidly becoming extinct, as the futility of being a nice guy becomes more and more obvious.
You are a nice guy, but Cheri lives about three hours away and there's no point in you calling her. By the way, can I see your algebra assignment?
by nubbs999 February 15, 2006
A person who never gets the girl, always finishes last, and most importantly, doesn't play Rock N' Roll.
Nice boys don't play rock n' roll
by Lupus September 21, 2004
A girlfriend with a penis.
A guy who is treated by the many girls that they are friends with as simply a platonic relationship partner.
Girl 1: Thats John, hes my BFF!!!
John: *Deep Sigh*... yeah, thats right

*Girls secretly laugh at him later for being such a nice guy*
by Keifer Jennings November 08, 2006
A guy whose girlfriend slept with eight different guys during their relationship still cannot treat her like a whore or sleep with any other girls just for his sexual need because he can feel guilty when treating woman like shit.
W: Then he tried to engage an non-serious relationship with his ex but he cant do it. After all that girl did to him he still cant use her just for his need.
M: You mean he still has feeling toward her?
W: No. I mean he is a nice guy.
by witch May 25, 2006
Commonly referred to as an "average frustrated chump". A man that due to his stubborn kindness to everyone fails to get any respect as he never complains about the treatment he gets from women and thus lacks a backbone. Lacking the principle of discipline his offspring, if any, will grow up to be assholes due to the way the nice guy rewards bad behaivor.

The easiest way to have this paradox of the nice guy / jerk be defeated would be to have women stop acting like nice guys and dump jerks rather than reward bad behaivor with sex.
Wow. He is such a nice guy, buying me flowers, taking me out to dinner and paying the tab, listening to my problems, helping me out with my car, and asking for nothing in return. He sometimes asks for sex but doesn't get it and does favors for me anyway. What a tool!
by noshi May 10, 2006
Nice Guy
1. Term commonly used for self-description by men who routinely fail to capture the interest of any women. The name is a misnomer because typically these men fail to exhibit any attitudes or behaviors that would distinguish them as "nice". These men are the lifeblood of the mail order bride industry.

Characteristics include:
-Lack of any backbone or moral fiber that would allow them to even consider that perhaps their own faults and shortcomings are the root of their problems
-Bitterness and self-pity that is expressed by pronouncing all women idiots who would rather date jerks
-delusions of grandeur/revenge fantasies in which at age 40-50 they will suddenly become irresistible to 20-something Angelina Jolie (except hotter)look-alikes while all the women who rejected them decades earlier will be single and living with 200 cats.
I'm 35 years old and still living at home, I have no life, and the only girlfriend I've ever had is made out of plastic, but women don't want me because I'm such a nice guy.
by Suki March 25, 2005

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