Another spelling for nigger.
Damn niccuh, you's WACK
by Joe March 22, 2005
Top Definition
comes from the word nukka, which comes from the word nigga, which came from the word nigger, which came from the word negro
used as in a african american adressing another one of his african american friends or a blake man or woman
niccuh 1:niccuh get yo ass ova herrrr b4 i bust a cap in yo ass
niccuh 2: mang stop trifflin' niccuh
by chOad March 30, 2005
- less offensive way of saying "nigga/nigger"
- wat people really pronounce when they say "nigga"
- a cool way of expressing "nigga" on chatrooms or instant messengers
- use this word at your own risk
My friend accidentally called me a niccuh.
by khrome March 30, 2005
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