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A golfer's nine iron.
Hand me that niblick, caddy!
#golf #golfing #caddy #iron #club
by Hogbot June 05, 2007
To non-maliciously reveal the plot and give spoilers to a film, TV series, book, etc.
Jay: Have you seen this week's Sopranos yet?

Mike: No, not yet. I'm watching it tonight.

Jay: I'm not going to give anything away, but you better have a box of tissues for when they kill Arianna.

Mike: Dude! You just Niblick'd me!

Niblick, Niblicking, Niblick'd, spoilers, plot revealed
by Jaycegiant December 01, 2015
1. In golf, an outdated term for a sand wedge.

1. To gently bite someone with your tongue in a sexual manner.

2. An ambiguous sexual act.
Tim: I have diarrhea.
Barrett: Me too. Let's niblick.

Spencer: I niblicked your mom last night.
Chingy: I know. I was there.

Caddy: I'm sorry, did you ask for a niblick, or for me to niblick you?
#sex #golf #fun #niblik #niblic #niblet #tongue #bite #foreplay #men #women
by Barrett Deming February 08, 2009
1. Any sexual action done at an inappropriate time

Barrett, could you pass me that book?
Barrett: Screw that, let's niblick!

2. All actions committed by Chingy, imaginative or otherwise

Ms. Fine: Did I tell you that I voted for Eisenhower?
Chingy: Did I tell you to stop niblicking? Now shut up and get back to work
I love cats *bing*
I niblicked your mom
#sex #loving #chingy #baby-making #gratuitous #shenanigans shit
by Chingy123 February 23, 2009
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