Derived from the Green Giant brand of corn Nibblets.

Something granular of a whole.
A tidbit
The cliff hanger gave but a nibblet of what was to come.
by Nathan Schmidt November 17, 2003
a girl's clitoris
Man: Nibble nibbllllllle!
Woman: Stop teasing my nibblet.
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
slang for a womans nipples
carrie and dakota came up w/ a new word for nipples...NIBBLETS!
by August 27, 2004
A single hit of the reefer.
Hey B**ches, wanna get down with this KGB? Want a nibblet?
by Scottirocker August 22, 2008

speaks for self
ima kick yo ass if u dont stop talkin bout my nibblet
by vikkie June 03, 2005

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