abreviation used in poker chats for say "nice hand" when someone wants to congratulate another player
tom had a royal flush
mark had two pair
mark say tom "nh"
by elyasa August 30, 2009
internet poker talk for Nice Hand
two pair, aces and tens
spectator: nh
by ColdFeet June 12, 2005
Short for No Honor. Often used as an insult to people in RuneScape who are being unfair.
Quikdrawjoe just cheated by using armor in a no-armor fight! He's so nh!
by Kazeodori March 20, 2009
NOS Head. One who breathes in the gas at a party.
Person 1-"You see her with all those balloons at the party last night?"

Person 2-"Hell yeah, That damn N.H.!"
by Jimmy1346 October 27, 2007
nh (usually w/ () around it) stands for no huddle used in setlists for jamband moe.

it's meant to tell the diffrence between a regular segue (noted by using >) and a stop start segue, in which the band stops one song and immediately starts the next

racreational chemistry(nh)>mexico
by yourmommasman March 21, 2009
NH simply means "Not Here" it says that the person who said that is currently not there. it's either they're outside, on the mall or in some places.
( Ryan's Status ) NH.
by pinkstarsblackhearts May 30, 2010
it means Not Here... usefull if u want it in msn or other messenger... its like dnd..
dude im NH till 7pm bye

away / NH piss off
by rampage August 10, 2005
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