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Used to describe clean, rare, or unusual jdm aftermarket modifications made to import vehicles. Can also be applied to an entire vehicle if it is thoroughly modified in a similar manner.

Started as a derivative of ftw or “for the win”. To reflect the import nature of such ftw vehicles this was changed to ftn or “for the Nguyen”. This phrase was coined by one Senor Blanco MS3.
Nguyenawesome was then created as a subset to reflect the new “Nguyen” mindset.

Even though "Nguyen" isn't a Japanese surname, it is used in this instance to reflect aformentioned jdm modifications.

If something is more JDM awesome then awesome, it’s considered Nguyenawesome (win awesome).
Did you see mk's new nakamae center console or genuine mazdaspeed steering wheel? It's so nguyenawesome.

by MK_slayr April 16, 2009
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