Uhhh, it's all gewd. :]
It's a common last name for Vietnamese people.
But, I have it as a first name. ):
Well, it means 'pray' or 'swear'.
I forgot my source. But I found it on google. :)

LALALA~ I don't like it when people pronounce it wrong! ):
I like it when people say it like 'when' or 'win'.
But if it's a last name, you can say it whatever way you want! >8U

If I had to define myself, I would say...
I like to have fun. I try to make people laugh. :)
I make a weird sound when I laugh too hard.
I like talking to people and laughing.
I like to be on the computer.
I am really weird and not cool.
I like spicy food.
I love candy.
I love you!

Okay, thank you, and remember to shower daily! <3
Oh, it's Nguyen. >_>;
I'm Nguyen. :3
You're like Nguyen.
by Iliketosalsa. February 13, 2008
Pronounced (Nah-you-jen). An ancient clan that resides in the Himalayan Mountain region. The clan runs a kindergarten for super-asians in training, in which one boy will graduate to succeed the Nguyen clan. The Nguyens are known for their high tech chainsaw-ninja skills.
There is no example, for all Nguyen attacks are unable to be recorded for fear of death by chainsaw.
by Would-be Successor February 11, 2009
1. A kinky&horny pervert.

2. A girl that giggles in 4th period.

3. A girl who uses dorky chopsticks.
Oh my Buddha, I pulled a Nguyen.
by Chestnuts February 13, 2008
The asian simplicity of mastrubating to buddha.
Buddha makes me EXITED!! =] I love Nguyen!
by s;akjlfviwf November 13, 2007

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