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Indonesian language for 'fuck"
why do you walk like that? too much ngentot last night?
by ngentot-boy July 04, 2003
1. Means 'fuck' in indonesian. As a swear word, it is basically at the highest level of obscenity and rudeness in the indonesian linguistic strata.

2. Sexual Intercourse.
1. Ngentot lo!!! (FUCK YOU!!)

2. Gue ngentot sama emak lo tadi malem (I just fucked your momma last night)
by Mama Smurf December 29, 2005
a. Joint to making love together

b. The offensive word that means intercourse

c. This word can also be used in angered situation
a. Elisa : Come on baby,, lets we ngentot together in bachelor party

b. hey sweet can we make wonderful ngentot all night long ?

c. Ngentot!!! give your cock to me pleaseeee

by kow bhang an February 14, 2007

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